CENTAMAN joins the building blocks of Portland Children’s Museum’s success

Portland Children's Museum

CENTAMAN joins the building blocks of Portland Children’s Museum’s success

With a mission to grow young minds and nearly 300,000 visitors each year, Portland Children’s Museum knew they needed a supportive software system that could improve efficiency while they focussed on creating innovative learning experiences for their young, explorative guests. CENTAMAN’s integrated solution was the stand-out choice, given its full service capabilities and fierce reputation as a market leader.

Founded in 1946, Portland Children’s Museum has a long history in child development and has built strong values along the way. Its visionary founder developed innovative programs for children with special needs, and the museum retains its goal to eliminate barriers of income, geography, or culture. With such admirable qualities, it’s no surprise the museum has woven a philosophy dedicated to supporting the inquisitive minds of children from any background.

With such eager young guests, Executive Director Ruth Shelly said that CENTAMAN had everything they needed to make administrative tasks quick and easy so that families could get straight to learning and playing.

“After trying to use a variety of applications that didn’t work well together, we decided we needed one integrated solution that was completely seamless and could handle everything for our museum,” said Shelly. “We found just that in CENTAMAN.”

Shelly said that about half of their visitors are members who love returning time and time again. A system that could handle a sophisticated membership program was an absolute must.

“Memberships are so important to us here at Portland Children’s Museum. CENTAMAN offers our guests convenient membership processing, and provides our staff the ability to track and analyse high-level membership data. The better we understand our members’ characteristics and visitation patterns, the better we can serve them—and also encourage these loyal customers to become future donors.”

Mike Korbel, President of CENTAMAN Attractions, said he’s thrilled to implement the ticketing solution in such a values-driven attraction like Portland Children’s Museum, and welcomes them as one of the first children’s museums in the CENTAMAN family.

“Driving online business is huge for Portland Children’s Museum, and the ability for guests to manage themselves was crucial to streamlining their business. The fact that guests can go online and sign up as a member, book a birthday party using our online module, or even purchase a family pass was imperative to freeing up staff attention to focus more on the guest experience,” said Korbel.

Portland Children’s Museum is due to go live with CENTAMAN this July, just in time for the summer.

For more information on CENTAMAN, visit www.centaman.com

For more information on Portland Children’s Museum, visit www.portlandcm.org