Introducing Express by CENTAMAN

Express by Centaman Software

Introducing Express by CENTAMAN

As leaders in the attractions space, Centaman is proud to announce the latest addition to our product offering, Express by Centaman. Designed to suit small to medium sized businesses like family entertainment and leisure centers, Express integrates web-based online reservations with a simple on-site POS system. So simple in fact, that Express customers are typically using the software within 2 weeks!

With an impressive 20-year history in the UK and Europe (formally known as EZ-Runner), Mike Korbel, Vice President of Attractions with Jonas Software said Centaman is thrilled to be launching Express in the US and Australian Markets.

“This space has needed a solution like Express for quite a long time, and we are proud to be the ones to bring it to market.  Even small attractions need robust functionality at a reasonable price, and that’s what we have with Express.”

Express is a fantastic solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to offer their customers the flexibility to book online, and reap the benefits, while keeping their system simple enough to be operated by all staff.

The system is highly customizable, allowing for businesses to change many aspects of the customer-facing online booking process as well as adapt the look and feel of the application itself to suit each business and its staff.

Express by Centaman includes:

  • Easy setup so Express is ready to work ‘out of the box’
  • Online booking integrated with on-site software so booking information syncs automatically to your computer
  • Ability to access all aspects of the system from one user-friendly dashboard
  • Intuitive Booking Grid to help you keep track of your clients and appointments
  • Integration with Mail Chimp to facilitate seamless communication with clients
  • Highly customizable system allowing changes to suit the look and feel of your business
  • Staff profiles to provide access levels tailored to different staff types in your business

Express by Centaman is now available throughout the United States, Canada and Australia! If you are interested in discovering how this solution can boost your business, schedule a demo today.