Want to stand out from the competition? These tips will help you learn where to shine the spotlight, so you’ll exceed your competition.

Listen to your customers

Your target audience has great feedback for you. You just have to ask! Fixating on the needs of your customers will set you apart from other attractions. Your customer’s can give you feedback on what exhibits they would like to see, what they can afford, what packages they would like to see, and the emotions they feel at your attractions. You can use all this information to change your practices and exhibits to best meet their needs.

You also want to listen to your competitor’s customers. Find out what their clients love and dislike about their attraction. Paying attention to what they love allows you to see what your attraction may lack. Concentrating on what their customers’ dislike will point out potential problems your competitors have and gives you the opportunity to address those problems at your attraction. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll have double the customers in no time!

Use tactical branding

Your branding and marketing practices are a great place to show off what makes your attraction special. Think about why you opened your attraction – that back story is a great place to engage customers. People can relate to a good back story, as many of us have thought about starting our own business and many have attempted it. Everyone has their dream project that they would work on if they just had the time. Your backstory gives your business an identity which can help it standout.

Another place you can find great inspiration for the way you brand your attraction is your core values. Do you run your business with transparency, honesty and integrity? Let your audience know that! Shine a spotlight on how your values come to play in your business processes and workflows. People who share the same values will connect with you and want to support your endeavors. 

Specificity is your friend in branding. You know how much a Little Caesar’s pizza costs without me having to tell you. That’s because Little Caesar’s is specific in their branding. You can also be that specific in your branding. Think about how much your tickets cost, how many exhibits you offer, what color your tickets are, etc. Any of these little quirks can be used to brand your attraction in a unique way.

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