Our point of sale system provides high-speed touch screen solutions across multiple stores including ticketing, retail and food service.

Reliable and robust, our point of sale includes comprehensive loss prevention, auditing and reporting tools.

The built-in inventory module handles all of your purchase orders, delivery dockets and vendor management tasks, including multistore setup, transfers and stocktakes.

We track individual transaction records as well as creating general ledger summaries and journal reports, which integrate seamlessly with your accounting system.

Point of Sale & Inventory
Same interface throughout the entire park

Use the same Centaman point of sale in your retail and food outlets as at the ticket office. Recall customer information, apply discounts and track sales instantly.

Don’t compromise on sales tools

Support promotions, coupons, mark downs and upsells in your retail store. Manage tips, table service, combo deals, recipes and more in your food outlets.

Make inventory management easy

Effortlessly order and organize purchase orders, delivery receipts and vendor management tasks with built-in inventory controls.

Rides, Add-ons & In-Park Cash
Offer in-park cashless to boost revenue

Encourage customer spend with in-park cashless and stored value systems, bonus cash, coupons and more. Let members and season pass holders store value on their card and use it throughout the season.

Manage ride ticketing, no sweat

Sell flexible ride-passes, wristbands and multi-use tickets. Track and report on revenues, breakage and learn guest usage patterns. Don’t just track rides! We can sell combo tickets with movies, shows, tours and behind the scenes experiences.

Become the gift of the season

Generate additional revenue with integrated gift card and eGift options while providing convenience for guests. Redeem gift cards in park or on-line, ensuring guests can use the gift cards to reserve activities and passes.

Membership & Pass Upgrades
Make it easy for new customers to become regular customers

Design and market an upgrade program with our workflows and flexible options. Help staff process customers quickly.

Excite members with discounts

Offer special discounts for members, and time and date-dependent discounts. Track the success of these programs and drill down to analyse what makes each guest buy.

Send a reminder so customers think of you after they leave

Trigger messaging to customers based on scan date, time spent in park and other data to drive return visits with a single integrated solution.