Amusement Park Management Software

Amusement Park Management Software Always Ready to Deliver Great Guest Experiences

Guests’ anticipation runs high before a trip to the amusement park – and you need amusement park management software ready to handle a high volume of business right out of the gate. With our amusement park software, you have all the tools to manage ticketing, concessions, dining, and entertainment. Ensure each interaction throughout the day will be a fantastic experience – not just the roller coasters.

Furthermore, just because your operations are designed to accommodate crowds, it doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the guest journey. Make each visit memorable and something your guests want to repeat season after season with our software that supports purchasing via the webstore, point of sale (POS), or at a kiosk. Amusement park software is the key to bringing it all together.

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Amusement Park Software Solutions

Amusement Park Ticketing Software

Your guests want ticket purchasing options that are most convenient. Choose amusement park ticketing software that includes a POS system, allowing guests to purchase tickets online, at a kiosk, or a more traditional approach in person at the park ticket window.

Customer Engagement

Give guests the option to engage how they want digitally – online, at the kiosk, or through their mobile phones. Also, you can engage guests through a full-service webstore. Collect guest information to tell them how much you look forward to seeing them again and send personalized emails. Are some guests thrill-seekers who love new rides? Make sure they know about all your latest attractions.

Season Passes & CRM

Easily manage season passes for individuals or work with corporate clients and partners that use the passes in their promotions and giveaways. We give you features that allow you to pay special attention to these guests to help elevate your brand and keep in touch through Centaman’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Food & Beverage POS

Provide your guests with efficient service while increasing revenues with an amusement park POS system designed for your business. Centaman gives you the option of allowing guests to place mobile or kiosk orders and pick up their food and drink at a counter or offer dine-in service for families that need to relax before getting back to attractions and entertainment.

Retail POS

Manage the purchases guests make during their visit to gift shops, merchandise stands, or arcades. Centaman’s amusement park POS software allows you to efficiently manage retail sales while keeping accurate inventory counts and supports seamlessly sharing data with your accounting system.

Access Control

Continually having to show a season pass or find paper tickets before each ride or experience can diminish an otherwise great experience. Centaman gives you the ability to scan e-tickets on mobile devices or RFID wristbands to create fast, easy, frictionless experiences.

Reporting & BI

You’ll get more value from data if you can compile it with centralized reporting and compare insights side by side. Centaman’s amusement park and attraction software integrates with your business applications to give you convenient access to data from our easy-to-use dashboard.

API & Integrations

Maximize your Centaman system with our flexible API and integrations. Build a fully connected IT ecosystem to create powerful, personalized, convenient online engagements, and seamless cross-channel experiences while you gain total visibility into your amusement park.

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Amusement Park Management Software Benefits

Variable Pricing

Variable Pricing

Offer discounts to groups or members of underserved communities, and apply coupons or promotional pricing

Omnichannel Sales

Omnichannel Sales

Capture more ticket sales through new sales channels, giving omnichannel consumers the choice and convenience they demand

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Integrated payments allow you to accept options like credit, debit, gift cards, or cashless payments

Decrease Demand for Labor

Decrease Demand for Labor

Automated processes mean you’ll need fewer employees at the ticket booth or concessions counters

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Easily manage purchase orders, deliveries, vendor relationships, and more, increasing efficiency and profitability

Deliver a Better Guest Experience

Deliver a Better Guest Experience

When your business runs as smoothly as your featured attractions, you’ll enhance the guest experiences you deliver
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All-In-One Amusement Park Software

Don’t settle for separate systems to manage ticketing, restaurant and concessions, retail sales, and business management. A comprehensive amusement park POS and management system allows you to efficiently run your park and access the reporting and insights you need. Craft guest journeys that inspire guests to share how great their day at the park has been. Give your business the advantage of software that does everything in one system:

Improve Your Entire Operation With Our Amusement Park Software