Aquarium Management Software

Aquarium Management Software That Sets the Stage for Lifelong Memories

When a child stands nose-to-nose for the first time with a shark swimming in an aquarium or feels a rush of excitement when a dolphin leaps from the water, you don’t want that memory marred by a poor guest experience. Aquarium management software from Centaman provides you with all of the tools and capabilities you need to set the stage for moments that take guests’ breath away and create lifelong memories.
Additionally, features like variable pricing will help you advance your diversity and inclusion initiatives to quickly implement access for any programs. Take steps to ensure everyone in your community has the opportunity to experience the wonders your aquarium has to offer through tours, educational programs, camps, and other special events.
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Aquarium Management Software Solutions

Aquarium Ticketing System

The best ticketing software for aquariums will give you centralized management of tickets sold online, at ticketing kiosks, and in person at your ticket or customer service counter. Centaman’s ticketing system connects with your point of sale (POS) and accounting systems for optimal back-office efficiency.

Customer Engagement

Centaman empowers you to engage with your customers online, at kiosks, via mobile phones, and in person, while delivering consistently high-quality experiences on every channel. Furthermore, with each engagement, you learn more about your customers and gain insights that help you personalize interactions and enhance guest experiences.

Memberships & CRM

Member dues help your animals get the best care and keep your operation running. Boost memberships by engaging regular guests on your list in Centaman’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. Our system makes renewing easy and encourages memberships with discounts and members-only benefits. Plus, members can go cashless by adding value to their membership cards for easy purchases.

Food & Beverage POS

Enhance guest experiences with excellent concessions and dining experiences. Centaman’s aquarium management system lets guests order via their mobile device or at free-standing kiosks throughout the park. Kiosk technology allows you to reallocate valuable staff time while providing an efficient, user-friendly service to guests, complete with upselling capabilities.

Retail POS

Increase operational efficiency with a high-speed, touch-screen retail POS with a comprehensive inventory management system. Manage multiple stores, warehouses, and suppliers. Print barcode labels for items and shelves and make stocktaking fast and easy with MobiSTOCK. Centaman Stocktake utilizes an integrated iPhone and iPad application for real-time inventory counts.

Access Control

With our modern technology, you can quickly scan e-tickets on guests’ mobile phones or RFID wristbands, allowing guests to enjoy attractions as soon as they arrive. Data from our software solution supports the ability to give you real-time visibility into guest count.

Reporting & BI

No need to be a SQL expert here! Easily access a snapshot of your operations from Centaman’s intuitive reporting dashboard. With all your business applications integrated into our software, you can monitor all essential metrics centrally and gain deeper insights that will help you manage more effectively.

API & Integrations

Build a fully connected IT ecosystem with our API and integrations. Create powerful, personalized, convenient online engagements, and seamless cross-channel experiences while you gain total visibility into your aquarium with Centaman at the center of an integrated network.

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Aquarium Software Benefits

Streamlined Event Management

Streamlined Event Management

Coordinate special events and educational programs, provide automatic waivers, user-defined fields, and invoicing

Ticketing Efficiency

Ticketing Efficiency

Offer your guests a variety of ticketing options while accurately applying discounts, including capacity-driven shows or events

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

Offer your guests the option to make cash, credit, debit, gift card, or cashless payments while making end-of-day reporting easier for your back office

Decreased Demand for Labor

Decreased Demand for Labor

Automating tasks at the ticket or concessions ordering counter allows you to assign labor or volunteers to other essential jobs

Data-Driven Decision Making

Data-Driven Decision Making

With easy access to reporting and business insights, you can improve your bottom line

Optimal Guest Experiences

Optimal Guest Experiences

Aquarium software optimizes all processes behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and frictionless customer experiences
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All-In-One Aquarium Software

If your aquarium has a restaurant, concessions, memberships, special events, retail space, and offers discounts and promotions, you need one system that manages it all and optimizes performance in each area. When your aquarium operates most efficiently, you can allow your guests to experience those once-in-a-lifetime first encounters with fish, marine mammals, and other sea creatures that will forge strong connections between you and your guests. Implement our solution to get everything you need in one place:

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