Cultural Center Software

Cultural Center Software to Help Drive Your Mission

As a cultural organization, you hold your productions, exhibits, and facilities to the highest standards, and your cultural center software should help drive your mission. Our cultural center software consolidates all sales, guest, member, and donor activities on a single integrated platform, empowering teams to focus on delivering impactful experiences.

Accomplish the mission of your cultural center with the tools you need to engage your guests, secure memberships, and create memorable experiences. With our cultural center software, you can provide optimal guest experiences and ensure visitors will create lasting memories during their visit and beyond.

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Cultural Center Software Solutions

Ticketing Software

Keep guests flowing through your cultural center on schedule with timed ticketing. Guests can reserve their tickets for a specific time slot so they can enjoy their experience without worrying about long lines. Also, implement offers through Centaman’s variable pricing feature so all community members can visit your facility.

Customer Engagement

Our user-friendly online, kiosk, and mobile solutions offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience. Keep in touch with customers after they visit through personalized emails to remind them about new experiences, membership benefits, and restaurant or retail promotions.

Memberships & CRM

Allow your customers to get more out of their visits with memberships. Generate more repeat visitors by providing special rates, automatic discounts, and exclusive offers like early access to new exhibits or member-only workshops. Track visitation history and increase membership renewal rates with built-in CRM and marketing tools.

Food & Beverage POS

Enhance guest experiences with excellent concessions and dining experiences. Connect food and beverage sales to your entire operation with our integrated cultural center POS system. With mobile ordering and self-service kiosks, customers have the option to order how they want and quickly pick up their food without waiting in lines.

Retail POS

Our seamless retail POS system works with every aspect of your cultural center, so selling retail items is a breeze. Handle your purchase orders, delivery dockets, and vendor management tasks, including multi-store setup if your facility has several gift shops or bookstores. Create automatic discounts or promotions segmented by item or for members only.

Access Control

Gain real-time access control across your operation, from admission tickets and employee ID cards to memberships. With cutting-edge RFID-enabled technology, workers can quickly scan wristbands, e-tickets, and mobile devices for faster and more secure entry.

Reporting & BI

Get insights into your cultural center operations with our industry-leading reporting accessible through an intuitive dashboard. Data insights can inform decisions that improve guest experiences and increase sales or membership renewals. With hundreds of reports built into the system, your team can pull information specific to your goals.

API & Integrations

Extend the capabilities of your Centaman system with our flexible API and integrations. With out-of-the-box and custom integrations, our system helps you leverage your existing technologies to build a fully connected IT ecosystem and create powerful, personalized, convenient experiences.

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Benefits of Our Cultural Center Software

Manage Groups Effortlessly

Manage Groups Effortlessly

Handle large groups with online and timed ticketing software as well as group scanning and admissions to keep crowds under control

Increase Membership Sales

Increase Membership Sales

Promote member discounts on retail, food, and beverage sales along with member-only experiences

Generate Return Customers

Generate Return Customers

Utilize customer reporting insights to learn more about your customers' tastes and tailor your outreach and offers

Simplify Events & Workshops

Simplify Events & Workshops

Invoice organizations, provide waivers, and gather information such as event type, number of attendees, and meal options

Boost Donations

Boost Donations

Let your guests show their support through donation campaigns and always meet your goals with automatic pop-up donations available on-site or online

Payment Options

Payment Options

Offer your guests the option to go cashless with stored value, or pay with a credit, debit, or gift card online, in-person, or at a kiosk
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All-In-One Software

Our all-in-one culture center management software is scalable and able to handle operations with multiple revenue streams. Consolidate data for centralized management and visibility, allowing your team to focus on the guest experience. By implementing our solutions, everything is in one system:

Streamline Your Business With Our Cultural Center Software