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Full-Featured Membership Software Designed to Build Your VIP Customer Base

Because memberships or season passes represent a significant fraction of your revenue, ensuring loyal guests return to support your business or organization year after year is a priority – but it can sometimes be a management nightmare. Centaman’s membership software with a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool gives you all the features needed to provide great experiences and encourage renewals for members and season pass holders.
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Primary Features & Benefits

Boost sales with membership software

Membership Software That Covers All the Bases

With Centaman’s membership management software, you can turn daily visitors into loyal members by offering membership or season pass sales online or in person with ease. Our solution includes membership tracking software that collects data on member or season pass holder activity to help you understand their behaviors and preferences. You’ll also be able to collect data on your guests that purchase items from your online webstore. More guest data means you can continually improve and promote the experiences you offer, increasing the chance they’ll remain or become devoted supporters.

Automatic Discounts for VIPs

If you want to offer your members or season pass holders discounts on purchases they make at the gift shop, concession stand, or add-on tickets to enhance their experience, our membership software checks that box. Quickly communicate that information during checkout by inviting guests to scan their membership card or season pass (of course, you can also look them up), and member pricing is applied automatically. Discounts, combined with the ability to claim them easily, can enhance experiences and add value to memberships to keep guests coming back for more.

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Member only discount

Manage Member-Only Events & Special Rates

Membership has its privileges, and you want to ensure that your most loyal guests have access to certain special events or perks designed especially for them. Centaman’s membership software allows you to use a membership card with or without member photos as identity validation and admission to exclusive gatherings and, if rates apply, charge them accurately.

Frictionless Payments

Centaman allows you to give your members, season pass holders, and even day visitors the option to create stored value accounts. Much like a gift card account that guests can reload, a stored value account allows guests to make payments without carrying cash or credit cards. With this feature, guests don’t have to worry about carrying their purse or wallet. Instead, they can focus on creating memories and enjoying what your venue offers. Plus, accounts can be shared among household members, and you’ll be able to set up daily spend limits for the little ones to ensure they don’t overindulge with their fifth ice cream purchase of the day.
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Self-Service Membership Renewals

When it’s easy to renew a membership or season pass, people will likely act – and act immediately. Centaman membership software allows you to create simple, convenient online renewal forms that only take a few taps to complete. Just send an email reminding members or season pass holders of the extra value they receive with their membership and include a renewal link. Take it one step further by integrating with an email marketing software for automatic emails sent to your members who are up for renewal. Our software also tracks renewals and members who need a nudge or personalized attention so you can reach out and ensure they’re returning next season.

Additional Features

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