Customer Engagement Solutions

Customer Engagement Solutions to Give Guests More of What They Love

Prioritizing your guest experience and strengthening your attraction go hand-in-hand. With our customer engagement solutions, you can create deep connections with your guests and offer them the digital experiences they crave. Plus, with our customers and guests at the top of our focus, our software is continually evolving, bringing you enhancements and annual upgrades each year. The best part? Annual upgrades are included in your software licensing fees, so you’ll experience the best version of the software year over year.
Person buying attraction ticket with customer engagement solution

Primary Features & Benefits

Increase staff performance with customer engagement solutions

Maximize Staff Performance

Get your staff out from behind the counter and at the forefront of guest experiences. When you utilize our customer engagement solutions like self-service kiosks for ticketing, food ordering, attraction purchases, and donations, your staff can jump in and focus on engaging with guests. If you’re short-staffed or have a busier than usual day, have staff grab a portable tablet POS system with line-busting capabilities to clear out the ticketing lines, then operate another attraction once guests have entered.

Transform Guest Experiences

Delight your guests at every step of their journey. Our customer engagement solutions offer everything you need to keep your guests returning. Print-at-home, mobile, and self-serve kiosks provide multiple options for guests to ticket how they want. Once guests have entered your attraction, allow them to pay with cash, credit, debit, or gift cards and offer a cashless option. Finally, keep your guests coming back by gathering data and staying in touch with email marketing.
Transform guest experience with customer engagement solutions
Digital solutions to boost the guest experience

Enhance Engagement & Go Digital

The online ticketing process is often where the guest journey begins. Don’t make a bad first impression with a clunky website that’s hard to navigate. With our mobile-responsive webstore, customers have a smooth and easy-to-use buying process. Utilize a calendar, list, or hybrid view model to display ticket availability and use color-coding to indicate variable prices. Our features and functionalities make it simple for customers to manage their reservations, make cancellations, and issue refunds.

Streamline the Waiver Process

Our customer engagement solutions were made to ensure a seamless waiver signing process to avoid bottlenecks at the entrance. With digital waivers, guests can complete them in advance or at a kiosk before entering the ticketing line. Utilize easy waiver validation to improve operational efficiencies and help minimize your guest’s wait time. Plus, staff can easily check waiver status right from the POS. Additionally, capture extensive data by adding user-defined questions for camps and programs, including medical waivers, emergency contacts, allergies, medical history, apparel sizing, and more.
Customer engagement solutions to streamline the waiver process
Increase revenue with customer engagement software

Increase Revenue With Upselling & Add-Ons

Looking for ways to boost revenue? Our self-serve kiosks can suggest upsells or add-ons that your guests are sure to love. Our customer engagement system makes them visible and easy to select for an even smoother experience. When your guest is purchasing their ticket, our solution can prompt them to add on specialty shows or attractions. Or, our food and beverage kiosk can upsell sides and drinks to drive sales.

Decrease Ticketing Errors & Boost Sales

There’s nothing worse than underselling or overselling tickets due to errors. With inactivity timers at self-service kiosks, you can assure you’ll sell the right amount every time. Additionally, utilize abandoned cart timers in the webstore to motivate guests to make a purchase right away. All ticket inventory is managed in real-time regardless of the purchasing process.
Inactivity timer to boost ticketing sales

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