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Managing a zoo, amusement park, museum, or other attraction in the digital era requires the free flow of data to and from your management system with the other business applications and data sources. Even the best attraction management software has limited value if it operates in a data silo. Centaman gives you API and integrations to build a fully connected IT ecosystem. Create powerful, personalized, convenient online engagements, and seamless cross-channel experiences while you gain total visibility into your operations with Centaman at the center of an integrated network.

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Primary Features & Benefits

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API With Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

Through years of experience providing attraction management software, we know which applications you are likely to use – and which provide the most value to organizations like yours. Common integrations can be configured “out-of-the-box” with minimal technical resources and a seamless, tested solution. In addition, these integrations help you leverage your existing technologies and investments.

Access to Our API for Custom Integrations

Centaman allows you to share data with our software via API with any other business application or system you use. Our system consumes and updates data automatically, increasing efficiency and reducing human error. Additionally, sharing Centaman data with other applications can enhance user experiences with personalized service. For example, backed with Centaman data, you can create feeds of availability, services, pricing, and any other use-case you can think up. External applications can synchronize customer data with read, write, and update features to give your customers a streamlined online guest experience.
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Gain Deeper Insights

Utilizing API and integrations, data from all applications is centralized for analysis. As a result, you will have access to deeper insights into your operations, understand your guests’ behaviors and preferences, and make smarter decisions as you plan the next steps for your organization. Also, we manage and maintain our API, so it is continually updated and agile to respond to changing industry needs.

Reduce Development Costs With Our API Developer Hub

Our API developer hub is designed to help you start working with Centaman API as quickly as possible with the following tools and information. Quick Start Guide allows developers to quickly understand the basics of the API, how we built it, what our conventions are, and also to learn more about the available software and objects. Sample Workflows define typical use-cases that you can tailor to your unique needs. API Explorer documents each API endpoint and available parameters, explains their usage, and offers samples of the request and response JSON templates. Complete Test Platform is available for developers to rapidly build their integrations and provides access to sample code for various languages.

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API & Integrations Developer Support

While our Developer Hub (powered by ReadMe) gives developers all the tools they need to build applications and projects integrated with Centaman, we also offer Developer Support and project management assistance. Don’t have your own developers? No problem, leverage the Centaman development team to help design, build, and deploy your integration for you.

Common Out-of-the-Box Integrations

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