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Business Reporting & BI Made Easy for Any Attraction

Your organization collects massive volumes of data that has the potential to help boost decision making. However, unlocking the value of your data can be a challenge, especially if you’re running with multiple software solutions. Business intelligence (BI) holds the keys to greater operational efficiency, increased profits, enhanced guest experiences, and more. By utilizing Centaman’s all-in-one software, you’ll have powerful built-in business reporting and BI to access actionable, data-based insights easily.
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Primary Features & Benefits

Reporting and BI for any part of your attraction

Data From Every Part of Your Business

Centaman offers comprehensive management for any attraction. Our platform gives you the tools to manage ticket sales, group sales, memberships and season passes, access control, labor management, customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS), and more. Furthermore, Centaman allows you to use data from each part of your business, individually or together, to optimize operations and plan future success. With all of your data living in one system, you’ll be able to generate dashboards inclusive of every revenue department.

A Report Portal You’ll Love

Our intuitive, browser-based report portal gives you easy, on-demand access to the business reporting information you need. Gain the freedom to download reports in a variety of formats (Excel, CSV, PDF), and configure the portal based on role, so users see what’s most important to them. Plus, you won’t need to become a SQL expert and can pull data in just a few clicks.
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Preconfigured Dashboard and Reports​

Preconfigured Dashboard & Reports

Guests should be at the top of your focus, not database management and data science. With Centaman, your data is at your fingertips. Our business reporting and BI includes preconfigured dashboards based on industry best practices and hundreds of report templates to choose from, so you don’t have to invest time into learning how to create reports. However, if you find you need to adapt a report, you can use our drag-and-drop interface to tailor a report to your unique needs.

Information at Your Fingertips, Wherever You Work

You can use Centaman’s report portal on any device that supports a browser. So when you’re away from your desk or on the road and want to check ticket sales, labor hours, sales, memberships, and more, enter your portal’s URL to view or download reports to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
Mobile business reporting and BI
Automated business reporting and BI

Automated Reports

If you or your team members pull reports at a specific time each day or day of the week or month, Centaman allows you to schedule them efficiently and conveniently. Choose a report that a specific user needs, set the time for delivery, and Centaman does the rest, time after time. So say goodbye to chasing power users down to create timely reports. Instead, access what you need when you need it.

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