Retail POS System

Retail POS System Built to Handle All of Your Attractions

Gone are the days of having multiple systems for your ticketing, food, and retail sales – sell everything from one platform. With a retail point of sale (POS) system native to Centaman’s software, your attraction will be able to boost productivity and profitability, allowing you to deliver incredible guest experiences. In addition, our retail POS system has all the tools you need to streamline store operations.
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Primary Features & Benefits

Manage multiple attractions with retail POS system

Multi-Store Management for Any Attraction

Manage multiple stores, warehouses, and suppliers across your entire attraction with unified retail POS software. Generate better data with the ability to monitor sales location reporting and warehouse location reporting independently. Plus, create purchase orders, complete delivery dockets, and manage inventory stock take all-inclusive and built-in to Centaman’s software solution.

Keep Guests Happy With Discounts

Support promotions, coupons, markdowns, and upsells in your retail store. When you utilize the same system throughout your operation, you can recall guest information, apply discounts, and track sales instantly. Personalize the experience by offering unique discounts, so every guest feels like your only guest. Looking to reach more visitors through social media? Easily program your general admission tickets using special webstore links that automatically apply pre-loaded coupons for a quick and easy check-out.

Promotions and discounts with retail POS solution
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Inventory Stocktake via iOS Mobile App

Print barcode labels for easy check-out and make stocktaking a breeze by utilizing our fast and easy iOS mobile app, MobiSTOCK. Say goodbye to manual inventory counts on pencil and paper and make the best use of your employee’s time with this hand-held electronic solution. You’ll also be able to transfer inventory from one retail store to the next quickly. Plus, you’ll have on-demand access to over 30 standard, built-in reports that pull real-time data such as stock value of inventory on hand, inventory movement, sales with coupons used, sales with margins, and more!

Simplify Inventory Management

Keep track of inventory in real-time so you can stock the right products at the right time. With an inventory module built into your retail POS software, your employees can seamlessly handle your purchase orders, delivery dockets, and vendor management tasks, including multi-store setup, transfers, and stocktakes. In addition, automating inventory management can minimize inventory discrepancies and shrinkage as well as free up valuable time for your staff, allowing them to create more memorable experiences with your guests.
Streamline inventory with retail POS software
Mobile retail POS solution

Take Your Retail POS System Mobile

Keep lines short, even on your busiest days, utilizing a portable tablet POS system with line-busting capabilities. Our easy-to-use tablet systems make it easy for your staff to quickly switch from inventory management to check-out mode so they can change tasks without disruption. In addition, easily open pop-up retail shops for limited-time attractions. Whether you need to open a souvenir stand for a new animal or want to sell towels at the end of a water ride, our mobile POS system can move with your business.

Increase Convenience With Cashless Payment

Encourage guests to spend by accepting in-park cashless and stored value systems, bonus cash, coupons, gift cards, and more at the retail POS system. Guests can exit a ride, enter a gift shop, and purchase souvenirs without worrying about their wallets. Also, take your guest experience to the next level by offering the chance to store pre-loaded value on a cashless account to be used throughout your attraction.

Cashless payment with retail POS software

Additional Features

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