Centaman is more than just a database. Our CRM includes powerful analysis tools that will help you increase customer engagement. All customer interactions, correspondence and transactions are centralized within the system.

With our CRM, you can analyze your data quickly and efficiently, and use the integrated messaging tools to send highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Our suite of standard reports provides extensive insights into performance, particularly when your entire attraction is running Centaman.

Centaman comes with an industry leading business intelligence tool, report writer and dashboard builder that includes charts, maps and graphs.

We give you comprehensive access to raw data, an auto-scheduler for emailing reports and a data dictionary, making Centaman ideal for both new and experienced users.

Surveys & Automated Emails
Get more data on customers

Configure guest survey tools to ask follow up questions and help you consolidate demographic data on regular and casual guests.

Drive more sales with targeted marketing

Use integrated messaging tools like WordFly to build compelling and professional email campaigns and track their success.

Comply with Privacy Laws!

Secure data storage with a Microsoft SQL Database, opt-in and opt-out options. Create unlimited user-defined data points and capture data in an ethical and compliant way.

Reports & Build your own Dashboards
Tap into insights to drive your business’ success

Grow and manage your business with business analytics. Drill down at incredible detail and then roll back up to look for trends.

Copy, build and export… it’s your data!

Build your own reports, charts and dashboards with our report builder. Copy or start from scratch. The intuitive interface will guide you every step of the way.

Consume data how you want to

Use our reporting tool with your browser to export to Excel, PDF, and CSV and allow graphs, maps and much more. Get the news in your inbox by automating report delivery.

Customer History & Communications
Access what you need, when you need it

Store all customer interactions, correspondence and transactions within one single, easy to navigate CRM.

Understand your customers better

Use powerful analysis tools to analyse guest data and increase customer engagement.

Drive more sales with targeted marketing

Use integrated messaging tools to send targeted marketing campaigns.