April 10, 2023

Top 4 Benefits of an Attraction Mobile Food Ordering System

4 Reasons You Need an Attraction Mobile Ordering System

Increase Revenue and Improve Guest Experiences With Attraction Mobile Food Ordering

Has your business changed its food and beverage operation since the pandemic? Consumer behavior has been permanently changed, especially around dining. Whether you run a zoo, waterpark, amusement park, or any other attraction, it’s essential to implement a mobile food ordering system to keep up with current trends.

Customers want fast, efficient transactions with options to place orders themselves. According to a PYMNTS and Paytronix survey, 36% of respondents are ordering via mobile order-ahead more often. So, to keep your attraction competitive, offering mobile food ordering software is critical. Plus, there are additional benefits that can help your business improve customer experiences, increase revenue, minimize ordering errors, and accommodate fewer staff.

How Does a Mobile Food Ordering System Work?

A mobile food ordering system allows guests to order via their mobile devices or at self-service kiosks throughout your business. The most common mobile ordering types are kiosks and QR codes.


With kiosks, guests can quickly enter their order on the device touchscreen and pay with a credit, debit, or cashless value.

QR Code Ordering

QR code ordering is completed on guests’ mobile devices. Place QR codes on tables or in high-traffic areas. Then, guests scan the QR code with their device and are taken to a mobile ordering webstore where they can order and pay.

After guests place their mobile food order at a kiosk or via QR code, an all-in-one system will alert the kitchen team of a new order through an electronic kitchen display system (KDS). With real-time alerts, workers can prepare orders quickly, so customers can return to enjoying the fun. A KDS is a must if you don’t already have one, as it seamlessly connects your front-of-house and kitchen staff. This technology will integrate all orders placed with staff or through a mobile solution to give everyone in the kitchen the visibility they need to prepare a top-notch meal effortlessly.

Benefits of Mobile Food Ordering

Mobile food ordering systems were designed to streamline ordering and enhance the guest experience. There are numerous benefits, but we’ll walk through the top four benefits many attractions experience.

Improve the Customer Experience

Today’s customers continue to demand easy and quick ordering options. A mobile food ordering system helps businesses meet customer expectations while offering even better experiences. Since customers can place orders on their own devices, they’ll wait in lines less and enjoy your attraction more.

Another way mobile food ordering improves guest experiences is by offering them ample time to browse your menus. When customers have more time with the menu, there’s no stress around trying to “panic order” as a crowd forms during busy periods. Guests have more time to decide what they want to eat and make customizations as needed.

When customers are in control of placing their orders, it can also reduce miscommunication during the ordering process. For example, if a customer requests extra pickles on their burger, but a busy employee in a loud dining area hears no pickles, that customer may not take the time to replace their order and will end up leaving that dining experience unsatisfied. Putting customers in control of their ordering virtually eliminates this concern.

Boost Revenue

Another benefit many attractions experience when implementing a mobile food ordering system is increased food and beverage revenue. Many organizations can see up to 30% greater revenue from kiosks than human order-takers. While a busy worker may only sometimes remind guests to add a drink or entice them with a dessert, a mobile ordering system can be programmed to every time. These small upsells and cross-sells add up over time for higher tickets.

In addition, with a mobile food ordering system, you minimize the risk of lost revenue during a rush. Customers who may have decided to skip a snack due to long wait times or lines can now place an order themself to skip the line.

Improved order accuracy and minimized errors aren’t just benefits for your customers, they also can improve your bottom line. When employees get orders right the first time, there’s no wasted money replacing incorrect orders. Plus, you’ll increase order throughput by not doubling up on staff efforts for a single order.

Reduce Staff Needs

Many operations in the attraction industry have experienced the pain of being understaffed, especially in recent years. A mobile food ordering system can ensure your staff can offer excellent customer service even with a limited number. In addition, since guests order and pay themselves, staff can get out from behind the counter to interact more with customers.

Improve Safety

Safety and social distancing are still a concern for many guests. To keep everyone at your operation safe, mobile ordering can eliminate guests needing to stand in long lines or touch high-traffic keypads to enter a PIN. Mobile food ordering offers a contactless way for customers to place and pay for orders. Plus, ordering from a personal device or kiosk ensures fewer cash transactions adding another layer of safety.

Mobile Food Ordering With Centaman

Demand for mobile food ordering isn’t going away. So give your guests one more reason to love visiting your venue and get started with Centaman’s mobile food ordering software. Centaman offers a way to seamlessly introduce self-service kiosks and QR code ordering at your attraction. Our all-in-one attraction management solution connects your food and beverage system to every part of your business, so all your data lives in one location. Contact us to learn more about how our attraction software can keep your operation ahead.

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