October 31, 2023

Dive Into the Top 4 Waterpark Management Software Features

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Top 4 Waterpark Management Software Features

When you operate a waterpark, you’re in the business of memorable experiences, so ensuring your guests’ happiness is crucial. From the splashes of a wave pool to the thrill of zooming down slides, families are making life-long memories.

Yet businesses are still working to perfect the art of providing an enjoyable experience that entices guests to return. A waterpark software solution is a must for orchestrating memorable moments in a way that improves productivity and increases profitability.

Looking to manage areas of your park designed for toddlers, kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages? In this blog, we’ll review four essential features of all-in-one waterpark management software—and how it can untangle the customer experience.

Discover Seamless Waterpark POS System Ticketing

According to industry data from Hotel & Leisure Advisors, 2022 was a positive year for waterparks. Attendance shifted back to normal after two years of uncertainty due to COVID-19. Leaders predict that 2023 will be another year of growth. If you’re suddenly swimming in more customers, do you have a ticketing system that can handle the capacity?

Multiple Payment Options

Today, payment convenience and choice are paramount. Do you offer an array of ticketing options that cater to your guests’ diverse needs and preferences? At a minimum, your ticketing system needs to provide customers the opportunity to buy tickets via their preferred way to pay.

Popular payment options include:

  • Standard point of sale (POS) system via cash or card
  • Self-service kiosk
  • Webstore

Offer Digital Accessibility

When your customers are excited to hit the slides, they don’t want to fumble through paper tickets. Offering access to tickets via email, RFID wristband, or employee ID reduces the need for ticket printing. This digital approach enhances convenience and aligns with eco-conscious practices by reducing paper waste.

Timed Ticketing

During those sweltering summer days, managing your capacity and avoiding overcrowding is essential. Waterpark management software offers timed ticketing admission technology with real-time capacity. Efficiently control the number of visitors in the park at any given time, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone.

Cutting-edge waterpark management software allows operators to preset blackout days or set dates and cutoff times. This level of control is invaluable for planning events and promotions, or ensuring that certain days remain exclusive or reserved for specific groups.

Centaman’s attraction ticketing software has these options and more to help your customers get in and start having a blast:

Build Loyalty Through Season Pass and Membership Management Software

Many customers will return to your waterpark, seeking out the thrill and relaxation again and again. Recognizing the value of patrons and ensuring they feel prioritized is essential—and membership management software makes it easy.

Season passes are nothing new to waterparks. However, the right features can make a customer’s experience more memorable. Modern software allows you to scan season passes and immediately identify the guest via photo.

For operators, this streamlines secure identity validation and admission to exclusive gatherings. Also, workers can charge season pass holders accurately when different rates apply, eliminating an administrative headache. With easy access to data, staff can greet guests by name, offering a unique and personalized experience.

Embrace RFID Wristbands for Season Pass Holders

Waterproof radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands—or bracelets use an embedded smart tag to store information about the wearer. These wristbands have several advantages for waterparks.

  • Creates a cashless experience for guests 
  • Allows one wristband to be used for all transactions
  • Load funds on each family member’s wristband and set daily spending limits
  • Offers added benefit for season pass holders

RFID wristbands can be loaded with season pass holders’ information, allowing access to member information at all times. Customers can quickly make purchases at areas like cafes and retail stores without needing their wallets.

In addition, park operators can access tickets and benefits according to the membership level of each season pass holder from their wristband. Customers can receive discounts on retail purchases, food, and beverages without carrying a season pass card.

Waterpark Management Software to Enhance Customer Data & Reporting

To connect with your customers, personalization is no longer optional. A report from McKinsey and Company found that 71% percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And 76% percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

Your software allows you to gather essential customer data used to personalize the experience. For instance, you can collect user defined fields (UDFs) like names, ages, or preferences on reservations. Or, track how customers move through your waterpark with every purchase on an RFID wristband or membership card. Ultimately, the more you know about your customers, the better you can adapt to offer the best customer experiences.

Deliver a Better Waterpark Guest Experience

Delivering your customers a great time shouldn’t be a headache. With all-in-one waterpark management software, operators can untangle the guest experience through features like:

  • Advanced ticketing options & wristband redemption at kiosk42k,
  • Season pass functionality
  • RFID wristbands for a cashless experience
  • Up-to-the-minute data and reporting

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