August 23, 2023

Ease Labor Shortages With Contactless Attractions Technology and Mobile Solutions

Attractions technology mobile food ordering

Streamline Processes and Bridge the Gap of Reduced Staff

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the attractions industry has faced unique challenges. Organizations such as zoos, waterparks, and aquariums are grappling with the urgent need to revamp their operational strategies to stay ahead, and many are turning to cutting-edge attractions technology.

Leaders in the attractions space report many organizations have experienced cutbacks and hiring difficulties since COVID-19. Discover how contactless technology like tablets, kiosks, QR code ordering, and digital waivers streamline processes and bridge the gap caused by reduced staff numbers.

Mobile POS System for Attractions

As many businesses in the attractions industry grapple with fewer team members, technology like mobile point of sale (POS) systems are helping teams fill in gaps by automating processes. Mobile solutions can range from rugged tablets to QR codes for fast and easy ordering.

Mobile tools help employees stay agile to address bottlenecks. Rather than training an employee to be stationary at one store location or restaurant, attractions can make the most of the current staff. For example, an employee can operate a mobile scanner at the gate during opening hours to help customers scan tickets and quickly enter your attraction. Once the ticketing queues slow down, staff can move to another busy location, like a snack bar, to greet customers and keep lines short to improve the experience.

In addition, a tablet or mobile POS solution customized for attractions can alleviate other time-consuming tasks like inventory management. A complete attraction management system should offer an inventory module built into its retail POS software. With a unified system and mobilestock take solutions, employees can complete inventory counts faster and more accurately than if they were counting manually or using a spreadsheet. Plus, attractions technology can seamlessly handle your purchase orders, stock transfers, delivery dockets, and vendor management tasks to free up valuable time for staff.

Ticket and Food Kiosks

Fewer staff doesn’t mean you’ll have fewer guests. Often, attractions have to function at standard capacity with diminished resources. With attraction self-service kiosks, customers can buy tickets or complete mobile food transactions without staff assistance. Many operations utilize kiosks like extra employees to minimize lines in high-traffic areas such as entrances or food and beverage locations.

At the gate, kiosks allow guests to quickly retrieve tickets booked through a webstore or purchase day passes. For even more efficiency, self-service ticket kiosks can dispense programmed wristbands on the spot. More family coming, or need to change your reservation? You can make changes to online bookings without the need for staff support using features like Manage My Bookings.

Reducing long lines during rushes can be challenging, and it often takes multiple staff members just to take orders and process payments. Guests can skip the line and enter orders themselves at food kiosks. Plus, kiosks reduce miscommunication during the ordering process, decreasing the likelihood of wasted time remaking incorrect orders.

Attraction QR Code Ordering

Another way to relieve staff stress is to let guests order from their mobile devices with cashless or contactless technology. Businesses can place QR codes in high-traffic areas. Then, guests scan the QR code with their device and are taken to a mobile webstore to order and pay. QR code ordering is a cost-effective way to implement mobile POS solutions without purchasing additional attractions technology.

With customers in control of ordering, businesses can rethink their food and beverage service model. Staff can get out from behind the counter, focusing more on customer service and building guest connections and less on transactional tasks. QR codes can also act as a “backup server” if customers want to purchase an extra item. This eliminates having to flag down a server or get back in line.

The benefits of attraction mobile food ordering go beyond mitigating less staff and can exponentially improve the customer experience while increasing revenue.

Digital Waivers

Waivers are crucial in many attraction operations to ensure safety and offer liability protection. However, waiting for guests to sign waivers at the entrance can lead to wait times and bog down staff with unnecessary tasks.

An all-in-one management system allows guests to sign waivers online before arriving for quick validation once on site or at designated kiosks. Digital waivers reduce administrative burdens, alleviate staff stress during busy times, and eliminate the risk of guests entering without a signed release.

Attractions Technology to Keep Business Thriving

Implementing attractions technology enables businesses to enhance operational efficiency even with a reduced workforce. Embracing these technologies becomes crucial for long-term success as organizations navigate challenges. With solutions like mobile POS systems, kiosks, QR codes, and digital waivers, attractions can weather the current uncertainties and position themselves to flourish.

Centaman offers all-in-one attraction management software to help busy businesses navigate labor shortages. Book a demo and let our team find the right solutions to keep your attraction thriving, whether fully staffed or short-handed.